About the Book

Standing While Things Are Falling

Discover 10 effective steps to live a life pleasing to God in Standing While Things Are Falling.

Melvin Steed, who oversees the Grace Apostolic Center in Columbus, Georgia, observes that the things we care about most often fall. In this book, he reveals how the Lord taught him to stand against the enemy.

He also answers questions such as:

• How can you recognize Satan’s tricks?

• How do you fulfill your destiny?

• How can you overcome obstacles?

• How can you keep moving forward after losing a loved one?

Other topics include why it’s so important to hold on to the promises of God, how to know who you are in Christ, the meaning of faith, and how looking back can prevent you from moving forward.

The author also reveals how he and his wife beat the odds to start a successful church and why it’s so important to always listen to the voice of God.